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This is the home page for the Palladium Web Ring (PWR). Since its inception, the Ring has grown dramatically, and should hopefully continue to grow as long as it is in existence. This ring is devoted to the Palladium Books series of role-playing games: Rifts®, Nightspawn/Banetm, Beyond the Supernaturaltm, Robotech®, Macross II®, Heroes Unlimitedtm, Ninjas and Superspiestm, TMNT & Other Strangenesstm, and the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Gametm.

Note that this ring is NOT just for RIFTS®! Pages dedicated to any and all of the Palladium games (including Rifts®) are welcome and, in fact, encouraged to join.

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You may also access the Full List of the PWR member pages or just visit a random Palladium Web Ring site.

Thank you for your interest in the Palladium Web Ring. We will continue to try to improve the Ring and keep you up to date on current news.

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This site was last updated on September 6, 1999

Special Thanks to Sage who created the Web Ring

The Palladium Web Ring came on-line and became operational on October 10, 1996.

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