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Steps for Submission

Please follow these simple steps closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!

  1. FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS!!!! Sorry to shout, but the Ring Managers will get quite frustrated and irritated if you can't follow simple instructions. In fact, they may get so irritated that they just staright out delete your application if you cannot follow simple directions. You HAVE been warned.

  2. Create your page. DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU HAVE A PAGE. (You would think that this one would be a no-brainer...)

  3. Fill out the form below to submit your site to the Palladium Web Ring. Note that it will first be put into the waiting queue, not the Ring itself.

  4. Submit site to Palladium Web Ring
    Site Title:
    Site URL:

    Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
    Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords for your site.
    Description: Enter a short description of your site.

  5. You will need to save a copy of one of the two main Web Ring Logo graphics that you can see directly below this paragraph. Upload the graphic to your web site. Do not just link to the graphic on someone else's page or this page, unless you have the owner's explicit permission first. The graphics are called webring3.gif and ring.jpg. You can choose either of them, whichever one you like more and complements your page the best. Please use one of these two images only. If for some reason you wish not to use either of these, please E-mail a Ring Manager so that we can discuss the possibility of you using a different image.

  6. webring3.gif ring.jpg
    webring3.gif ring.jpg
    By Gabriel ( By Chris Curtis (

  7. Now you will need to insert the webring HTML code fragment onto your page. The fragment needs to be placed on your main page, not a "links" or "webrings" page; this is to ensure the continued integrity of the Ring. You should receive an e-mail containing an HTML fragment customized for your page after you submit your site. You will need to open your main page in a text editor and copy-and-paste the code into your page. The only part you may need to change would be the path to your webring logo image.

  8. Alternatively, you can do it the difficult way.

    You can copy the HTML fragment from the box directly below, and insert it into your page. Again, you will need to open your main page in a text editor and copy-and-paste the code into your page.

  9. <!-- Begin Webring Fragment -->

    <table cellspacing = 3>
    <td><a href=";home" target="_top">
    <img src="webring3.gif" border=0 height=120 width=269 alt="Palladium Web Ring"></a>

    <td><font size="-1">
    This <a href=";home" target="_top">Palladium Web Ring</a> site is owned by
    <a href="mailto:___yourmailhere___">___yournamehere___</a>.


    Click for the
    [ <a href="" target="_top">Next Page</a>
     | <a href="" target="_top">Skip It</a>
     | <a href="" target="_top">Next 5</a>
     | <a href="" target="_top">Previous</a>
     | <a href="" target="_top">Random</a>
     | <a href=";index" target="_top">Full List</a> ]


    Want to join the ring? Click here for <a href=";home">info</a>.

    <!-- End Webring Fragment -->

    Now, go through the fragment, and replace all spots that say "__siteID__" with the ring ID number that was assigned to you.
    Replace "___yourmailhere___" with the e-mail address with which you want people to contact you.
    Replace "___yournamehere___" with your handle or name.
    (Please do NOT leave any of the underscores, "__", in!)

    Make sure the fragment points to the correct image that you downloaded, and that said image is loaded into your account so you can use it.. The Webring link (and info link), however, should still point to;home

  10. Again, make sure the HTML fragment is in the correct place. It should be placed on your main page (either your main site page or the main RPG/Palladium page). It should not be placed on a "links", "webring", or any other type of subpage.

  11. E-mail a Ring Manager stating that you have submitted your site to the queue and that the fragment is inserted into your page. They will then look over your page, and e-mail you with the final verdict: whether or not you can join the ring. If they feel your site does not meet the requirements or they find something wrong, they will explain why and try to give suggestions.

  12. If the your site meets the requirement, HTML is written correctly, and everything else looks good, you will be added to the ring and you will get a message from the ring server.

  13. That's it! You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page, although it may take a while!

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