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Entry Requirements

First, a few requirements need to be stated. Most of these should be taken as guidelines and aren't necessarily set in stone. However, they should be followed and adhered to unless you have already spoken with a Ring Manager.

  1. The page must already exist and have content on it. (No submitting pages that you haven't created yet...)

  2. The page must be related to and have something to do with at least one of the Palladium® RPGs.

  3. The page must contain an absolute minimum of 3 original game-related files. (This does not include graphics or image galleries.)

  4. The page must contain working links and graphics.

  5. The page must be noncommercial in nature.

I feel that these are all reasonable things to expect any page to adhere to. If you have questions about a specific item, please contact a Ring Manager.

If you apply to the Ring and your page does NOT meet the requirements set forth above, The PWR reserves the right to remove your page from the queue with or without notifying you. PLEASE make sure your page qualifies before you apply.

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